Friday, December 11, 2009

Starbucks' Hot Teas (Dec 12 09)

I am a coffee person, but whenever I have an upset stomach I prefer hot tea instead. Green tea at Sofitel is nice but expensive, and Sofitel is so far away. We can not always have the nice things when we want them.

Starbucks serves very nice and very affordable hot teas, and there is always a Starbucks nearby. Today I had tall Earl Grey, which Starbucks Banawe served with two packets of D'Arbo honey, collected by honeybees from Austrian flowers. I am starting to develop a liking for honeyed hot tea, since I started drinking Starbucks honeyed Earl Grey several months back.

The nice thing about honeyed hot tea is that it is easy to prepare at home. You do not even have to use Earl Grey. One of my graduate students gave me a box of tea from Nepal, and Nepalese tea works just as well. I am sure that some local tea variety would taste just fine, with local honey.

Here's to hot tea and good health!


bobbiescap said...

Hi Ambo,
I have an issue with my MSI Wind, running Karmic, in that it will not recognise USB optical drives, flash drives or memory cards, which is very annoying as it is hard to transfer information. It worked initially but there have been numerous upgrades since the install and I seem to remember that at least two had kernel upgrades.

I have two other machines here running Karmic, both 64bit, that both recognise and automount drives. I have noticed a lot of people online having issues with this problem, all on karmic, and was wondering if you have any suggestions as you are obviously a Linux whiz?

The drives are not even shown in lsusb, the card reader is but not the memory cards.
Kind regards and best wishes,

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