Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yebuntu: Programmer's Ubuntu (Oct 08 08)

I wanted to create my own Ubuntu distribution, which will satisfy my requirements as a developer/programmer. It should have C, C++, Java, Perl, MySQL, Apache, etc. It should also have the manpages, manpages-dev, and java-docs. I would not mind if it did not have Eclipse or Netbeans, since I do not want a very big and heavy distribution. Ideally it should fit in one CD, but if it slightly bigger, it would be acceptable if it had all the above programmer's utilities. Now I came upon the Ubuntu program remastersys, which is ideal for creating such a distro, so I got remastersys, and tried it out. If you have your Windows partition mounted under Linux, you should first unmount it, so that it is not included in the remastering process. The result is my own flavor of Ubuntu, which I now call Yebuntu. Originally, I wanted to call it Devbuntu, or Debuntu, or Progbuntu, etc. Those names are already taken, but Yebuntu is free, so I decided to use that name instead. You can download a copy of the iso image of Yebuntu from the site:

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