Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Wrong with SSS? (Feb 24 09)

I went to the SSS website today to check on the status of my retiree's pension. Instead of the expected Social Security System web page, I got the Oracle 10g web page. I thought I had made an error typing the URL, but it is clear as day. Something must have gone wrong with the web pages, so I decided to check out, and I got the Department of Science and Technology website. I had expected this, since DOST is quite reliable, despite its ridiculously diminutive funding among all government agencies. How is it that DOST can tell the world via the Web what's happening in Philippine Science, but SSS can not tell its retirees via the Web what's happening to their pensions? Does not SSS have so much money that Commissioner Neri wants to invest SSS funds in "dangerous" ventures? Is not Neri supposed to be a "trustee" entrusted to keep the SSS funds growing in safe investments? Why can't he spend a small amount in keeping the SSS website up and running, so that members can check where he is putting their money? Members have a right to know!

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Nick Banasihan said...

Hi Sir!

I don't exactly remember where I found the link to this blog, but here I am reading it!

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello.

One more thing: I was looking at the Ateneo CNG mirrors site, and I noticed a project called AdmuLinux. I downloaded it this morning, but the timestamp suggests that it's an old file. Whatever happened to this linux distro?