Sunday, April 05, 2009

Philippine Eagle in Ubuntu Wallpaper

In January 2009, Linux Torvalds was in Australia ( and in March, we read that the Australian Tasmanian devil will be the new mascot of the linux 2.6.29 kernel ( The Tasmanian devil is in danger of extinction, and adopting it as temporary mascot of the Linux community is a step towards preventing that from happening.

Now in the Philippines, the monkey-eating eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi, the world's largest eagle, is also in danger of extinction. If I put it in an Ubuntu wallpaper and people download it, then maybe we increase people's awareness of the near extinction of this beautiful bird. Note that the Linux mascot, Tux, is also a bird, just like our own Philippine eagle.

Download this wallpaper, and use it as your Linux or Windows wallpaper. Then visit the Philippine eagle website,, and see how you can help save the Philippine eagle.

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