Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fedora 11 Lion Wallpaper (Jul 19 09)

The latest Fedora Linux distribution, Fedora 11, is codenamed "Leonidas", so I wanted to get a "lion" wallpaper for my laptop. Several lion wallpapers are available for download from various sites, including:


The first one "leonidas-1-noon_right.jpg" has a very big lion face that tends to obscure the icons on the desktop. The second one "King_4070x1536.xcf" is too big to use as wallpaper. So I decided to fix "King" to make it just right for my 1280x800 screen, and I got the wallpaper above. I do not know if I'm violating any copyrights here, and if I am, please tell me so that I can take this jpg image from my site.

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