Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Election 2010: Why Windows Programs for Linux PCOS Computers? (Aug 20 09)

I am baffled by this entry in the Financial Proposal submitted by Smartmatic-TIM to COMELEC on May 4, 2009. Item 1.1.1 lists 83,925 licenses to "Enterprise grade N-tier software application Database SQL Server Standard 2005", obviously Windows software. But Item 1.5.1 lists only 72 units of EMS Machines (Windows Computers), so these 83,925 Windows SQL Servers can not be for the 72 units of Windows EMS computers. The closest figures that I can find in the proposal is the batch of 82,200 units of PCOS Machines enumerated in Item 1.5.2, but these are running uClinux in firmware, and these PCOS computers do not even have hard disks for the SQL Servers.

Does Smartmatic-TIM even know the system that they are installing for election 2010? Why do they make glaring errors like this? And why didn't the Comelec Advisory Council call COMELEC's attention to this error?

Is this Smartmatic-controlled computerized election leading to computerized padding of election costs? COMELEC must answer this important question.

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